TGI Friday’s has tasty Buffalo wings and not just on Fridays

One look at these wings confirms that the all the buzz for TGI Friday’s is correct. TGI Friday’s serves up some reliable Buffalo wings!



It is well-known among wing-lovers that TGI Friday’s serves some tasty chicken wings. It’s so well-known that someone thought it was a good idea to start selling a frozen version. Oops.

Bad┬ámarketing choices aside, TGI Friday’s prides itself on its wings (and I vaguely recall an episode of HBO’s The Sopranos where Tony suggests someone go looking for Pussy Bonpensiero at TGI Friday’s because “he loves their wings”). Not having tried them in some time, the Wing Authority took the opportunity on a recent trip to the mall. TGI Friday’s is not a local pub and it isn’t a greasy pizza and wings joint. You’ll find many TGI Friday’s restaurants near a Home Depot or a Starbucks, but you might also stumble past one in an upscale downtown shopping district. It’s a place that welcomes happy hours but is also suitable for a dinner out with the family. In fact, I must admit – ordering just wings and a beer felt a bit abrupt for the relaxed dining atmosphere. I will give TGI Friday’s credit for creating a nice ambiance without losing its Buffalo wing bonafides.

Tasty wing flavors and creamy blue cheese. The wings were perfectly crispy and juicy. I ordered, the extra hot, of course, and even though they didn’t bring tears to the eyes, TGI Friday’s nailed the Buffalo flavor while ratcheting up the heat. Well done, TGI Friday’s!

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