I’m No Foodie

When describing this website to a friend the other day, he described me as a “food critic” and asked me if I was a “foodie.” I had no problem answering no.

You see, my taste buds are conditioned (damaged?) by years of sampling pounds of wings tossed in sauces with names like Atomic, Suicide, Insane, Triple Threat, etc. I’m not the kind of guy who can detect the oak barrel in a sauvignon blanc. Exotic ingredients, plate presentation, and food in general doesn’t excite me in the same way as your typical foodie.

My passion is for Buffalo wings. I eat them all the time as a necessity and with seriousness. There is work to do. Call me a food critic if that helps, but the truth is that the role of The Wing Authority is simple: TO OBSERVE AND PRESERVE THE BUFFALO WING TRADITION.

Anything else is mostly just fluff.

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